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There is nothing like getting your hands on the inner workings of a lock or bike light or car part. We understand it’s vital to get to grips with what makes these devices work, so we can capture the best protection for our clients.



Patent protection in the mechanical area requires us to know how the parts fit together and interact. We love the physical involvement that comes with mechanical inventions, whether medical devices, road safety equipment or optional extras for motor vehicles.

On our display shelf in our offices there are various examples of devices that we have protected for our clients with various types of IP. Some are mechanically simpler, like the hairdresser’s dye pot or the aluminium-coated ampoules. Others are too large to get into the building – one construction client makes stadia spanning hundreds of metres. In the materials sector our clients have coatings technology that is most likely inside most of the electrical devices you own.

For all our clients, we get to the bottom of the crucial connections and components that are at the heart of the invention to be protected.


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Read the latest insights from the Schlich team reporting recent cases relevant to the mechanical sector and other technologies.

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