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IPO Proceedings

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The UKIPO offers an opinion service, allowing interested parties to ask a UKIPO Examiner to indicate whether a UK patent, or a European patent having effect in the UK, is valid and/or infringed by a particular act. The UKIPO aims to issue opinions within about 3 months, and the cost of requesting an opinion is relatively low. This means the opinion service provides a quick and low-cost means of obtaining an official view on the validity and/or infringement of a UK or European patent.

To request a UKIPO opinion, it is necessary to notify the UKIPO of the question on which an opinion is sought (validity or infringement), the requester’s position on that question, and the evidence upon which that position is based. The request will then be published by the UKIPO so third parties, including the patent proprietor (if the proprietor is not the party requesting the opinion), can file observations in reply within a 4-week period. The requester will then be notified of any observations filed and will be given a further 2-week period to file observations in response. The UKIPO will then issue its opinion shortly afterwards.

For those wishing not to disclose their identity to the patent proprietor, it is possible to remain anonymous by allowing us to request the opinion in our name.

Additionally, if a UK (or European) patent is found to be invalid by the Examiner and the UKIPO is sufficiently confident in this conclusion, the UKIPO may (at its discretion) revoke the UK patent (or the UK designation of a European patent), allowing costly revocation proceedings before the UK courts to be avoided.

Despite the clear value and advantages of the UKIPO opinion service, it is often overlooked, with fewer than 30 opinions typically being requested each year. We have direct experience of requesting UKIPO opinions and are happy to work with you to get an opinion on a patent you are interested.


UKIPO Hearings

Examination of a UK patent application may involve a hearing before a Hearing Officer at the UKIPO. Hearings may also be held at the UKIPO at the end of a trade mark opposition, and in cases where there is a dispute over ownership of and/or entitlement to a patent or patent application.

Whatever the reason for the hearing, it is vital to present and argue the best case carefully, clearly, and in close alignment with the most recent law and procedures. We can take these cases, presenting at the hearing ourselves and, importantly, knowing when at other times to work directly with specialist counsel.

We also provide pre-hearing advice on strategy, prospects, and costs to plan for all eventualities.

UKIPO Hearing

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