The Unified Patent Court offers a new option for pan-European patent litigation. The Schlich team is well-prepared for this new system due to our wealth of experience with contentious proceedings before the European Patent Office and at the UKIPO.

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The Unified Patent Court (UPC) provides a new opportunity for patent holders to obtain pan European relief for patent infringement. Likewise, the UPC offers a new mechanism for central revocation of a European patent beyond the EPO’s 9-month opposition period.

Despite the UK not falling within the jurisdiction of the UPC, as European Patent Attorneys, our team have the ability to represent parties before this new court. This places us in the unique position of being able to manage both UK and UPC litigation actions, providing a co-ordinated and efficient approach to dispute resolution across the UK and EU.

Building on our wealth of experience in contentious opposition proceedings before the EPO, we are well-placed to act in connection with the wide range of actions possible before the UPC, infringement, revocation and declaration of non-infringement actions. For patent holders, conventional litigation across Europe is expensive and complex due to the need to initiate and co-ordinate separate actions across multiple jurisdictions. The UPC greatly simplifies matters, with only one action being needed for all participating EU member states, thus making enforcement of European patents significantly more affordable.

The UPC also adds to the toolkit available for those wishing to challenge the validity of granted European patents. Here, we are able to use UPC proceedings in complement with other types of proceedings, including EPO opposition proceedings and the UKIPO opinion service, in order to maximise the prospects of achieving freedom-to-operate.

Despite the UPC being a new forum for resolving patent disputes, we are well-prepared to adapt to this new regime based on our wealth of experience in contentious matters before the European Patent Office (EPO). This experience puts us in the optimal position to act in connection with the wide range of actions available before the UPC, including infringement, revocation, and declaration of non-infringement actions. Our team is accustomed to handling high-value, complex proceedings and are always looking for innovative ways to provide comprehensive and clear strategic advice.

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