Choice IP and the PCT Network have merged, forming Azami Global. They have named Schlich in their list of the top 100 member firms.

“Congratulations” said the email from the CEO at Azami, “We are pleased to announce that Schlich Ltd has been selected to be among Azami Global’s Top 100 Member Firms for 2021!”

Choice IP and The PCT Network have recently joined forces to create a new IP services provider – Azami Global. With this launch, Azami Global will be the single largest network provider of services, offering members like Schlich Ltd both expanded global reach and in-depth, local knowledge supported by innovative tools and services.

Schlich has been nominated into the top 100 firms by our peers based on our exemplification of Azami Global’s core values: Quality, Integrity, Transparency, Professionalism, and Community.

Delivering the news, Lauren Pick, CEO of Azami ended: “We are proud to count Schlich Ltd among the most valuable members of our network and look forward to an even stronger partnership in 2022!”

Thank you Lauren for considering us, and thank you to those who voted / nominated us.

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