Who We Are

Schlich Attorneys

Technically, we are a mix of chemists, biochemists and geneticists

Our founder, George Schlich, was previously an equity partner in a large, London firm, leaving to start the new Schlich firm in the autumn of 2004. We have come a long way since then, when Mrs Schlich (senior) answered the ‘phone and did minor amounts of filing. Today, after steady and managed growth, the firm numbers 22 people and purchased its current offices, newly networked and refurbished, in January 2013. A recent addition is a basement gym for those who find the sea a little cold for other forms of exercise.

Technically, we are a mix of chemists, biochemists and geneticists. This is reflected in our client list, which includes multinational pharmaceutical companies, international law firms and local companies that carry out waste destruction, paint recycling and food processing – as ever, to name but a few.

Technology, such as electronic filing, enables us to operate from where it suits us, namely the south coast of England.

Tradition, proper records and excellent technical and language skills, enable us to act to the highest professional standards. This makes us, to a certain extent, old school for good reason – it makes us better attorneys.

Training extends across the whole firm; it’s not just an attorney focus...

Training, tutorials that we run in-house, our monthly professional update meetings and our teamwork make us a cohesive unit of professionals. For inter partes proceedings it is essential for everyone to know what each member of the team is doing – when you work together as well as we do that is second nature. When a single attorney provides advice, he or she finds the rest of us in effect standing behind – the sharing of knowledge and experience means our clients are always supported by the whole team even if they only meet one of us.

Training extends across the whole firm; it’s not just an attorney focus but applies to all. Join in our monthly support liaison meetings and you will find the records managers running through updates to electronic filing procedures, changes in fees, new rules for filing Powers of Attorney and how to pay renewal fees at patent offices across the world. The regime has won us awards for staff training from the local business associations.

Only this way can we and do we remain fully joined up and up to date. Staff and attorney turnover is low; we like it here and trust our clients too like the service enough to stay for the long term.