Patents - Full Service from Clearance to Courtroom

Schlich Patent Services

Patents represent one of the fundamental building blocks of our clients’ intellectual property. Patents protect technical inventions, conferring a monopoly right on the owner to prevent others operating with the invention as defined in the patent claims.

Generally, patents protect solutions to problems in particular technology areas. Products, processes and uses can be protected, and a single patent can cover combinations of different definitions of related inventions. The process of filing, examination and grant is rigorous, intended to have the result that granted patents are trusted, commercially relevant assets. Getting the wording of the specification right, in particular the phrasing of the claims, is vital in ensuring your patents give you valuable and defendable rights that others will respect.

Patent Searching, Filing and Prosecution

Schlich Patent Services

Our firm offers a full service in patents all the way from clearance to courtroom. A concern over freedom-to-operate, whether at the very early stages or as commercial opportunities emerge, can be dealt with through searching and analysis. We also carry out patentability searching and assessment, typically prior to filing and/or during the first year post initial filing.

For direct clients we draft and file in chemical, life sciences and mechanical technologies. We would routinely advise requesting a patent office patentability search within the first 12 months – the results are generally instructive before follow-up applications are completed and filed with this valuable prior art insight.

Via our international associates we can file direct across all international territories, optionally using the PCT system to defer the high cost of those filings. We have an outstanding record in obtaining granted patents worldwide and in defending those rights against third party challenges.

Our Chemical, Life Sciences and Mechanical Patent Experience

Schlich Patent Services

Our focus at Schlich is on chemical, life sciences and mechanical patents. As examples, we represent small and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies in protecting new drugs and also formulations and uses of a wide range of existing compounds. Other clients invent medical devices, stem cell-based therapies, tissue and cell selection methodologies, locking mechanisms, therapies based upon antibodies and ex vivo body fluid treatments.

Food technology and food processing, and also waste treatment methods and machines are other areas of our work; the list is almost endless in our technology specialisms. In the small molecule area we act for drug discovery clients. Mechanically, clients of the firm have developed fishing equipment, scooter accessories, ship sanitation processors - together with the associated chemicals – and home-safety and road-safety devices.

Still other clients work on bacteriophage therapies for antibiotic-resistant infections, self-assembling gels as cell and tissue scaffolds, and on drinking straws to deliver flavours and probiotics.